Best Places To See Snow In Canberra

Best Places To See Snow In Canberra

Canberra, a beautiful city that is located in the centre of Australia, might not be the first place that comes to mind when picturing a landscape covered with snow. However, this attractive capital city, known for its political significance and cultural attractions, also has some undiscovered winter delights that are sure to captivate nature and snow admirers equally. Canberra offers an exceptional opportunity to experience the wonder of snowfall against the backdrop of an Australian urban paradise, from small mountain resorts that provide a comfortable respite to stunning national parks where snow covers the rugged landscape.

In this blog, we will traverse the best places to see snow in Canberra, unveiling the city’s hidden treasures for those seeking a frosty adventure in the land Down Under. So, in case you are planning your next vacation and have a desire for the white stuff, Canberra is ready to welcome you with a special and unforgettable snowy experience.

1. Corin Forest Mountain Resort

Corin Forest Mountain Resort

Nestled at a high peak of 1200 metres and just a panoramic 52 km drive from Canberra CBD, Corin Forest Mountain Resort emerges as a hidden gem for snow enthusiasts. While it may not boast a bustling village scene like some other snow destinations, it draws a steady stream of visitors seeking an authentic winter wonderland experience right in Canberra’s backyard. Corin Forest’s backdrop showcases breathtaking tall forests and offers camping opportunities at the Woods Reserve Campground, full of amenities like barbeque areas, hot showers, and accessible facilities for those with special needs. Camping spots are granted on a first-come, first-served basis with a nominal fee. As the closest snowfield to Canberra, Corin Forest is not only easily accessible but also budget-friendly, making it an ideal choice for families seeking snowy adventures.

Corin Forest Mountain Resort doesn’t just offer stunning scenery; it’s a hub of activities to keep families entertained for days. With options ranging from snowy escapades like snow play and skiing lessons to intermediate-level ski and ride options, there’s something for everyone. Snow enthusiasts can revel in beginners’ skiing and snowboarding lessons, provided snow conditions cooperate. Tobogganing, along with gear, snowboards, and even snowsport schools, are available for rent right at the resort. To ensure you don’t miss out on the fun, it’s advisable to make reservations in advance, as space for these activities can be limited. Safety-conscious visitors can also easily rent helmets on-site, making Corin Forest Mountain Resort a convenient and exciting choice for winter adventures.

Things To Do:

If you are visiting Corin Forest Mountain Resort in Canberra, there are some fantastic activities for you and your loved ones to enjoy:

  • Alpine Slide: Experience the thrill of their year-round alpine slide (weather permitting). Glide through the stunning Mountain Ash Forest on a thrilling 1.2km course.
  • Snow Play: Embrace the winter wonderland during the snow season! Build a snowman, race down toboggan runs, and engage in epic snowball fights in their purpose-built snow play area. Fun for all ages.
  • Ski And Ride: Discover the joy of skiing and snowboarding at this place’s custom-designed slope, perfect for beginners. Hop on the “magic carpet” lift to the top of the slopes and enjoy the thrill of gliding down gentle terrain.
  • Lessons for Ski and Snowboard: If you are new to skiing or snowboarding, don’t worry! Corin Forest offers snow sports school for all ages and skill levels. Learn the ropes and have free time to practise and refine your technique.
  • Dining: After all the excitement, treat yourself to a delicious meal. This place has a rustic lodge that features a cosy café with a roaring open fire. Relax and savour a variety of menu items. Don’t miss out on their delicious pizzas to satisfy your appetite.
Name Corin Forest Mountain Resort
Address Corin Rd Paddys River Block 217, Canberra, ACT, Australia, Australian Capital Territory
Distance From CBD 52.0 km
How To Reach By Car: It will take approx. 48 minutes via Corin Road for you to reach the destination from the CBD.
By Bus: You can choose any one of the bus lines 2, 4, or 50 to reach Corin Forest Mountain Resort.
Opening Hours Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: Closed
Friday: Closed
Saturday: 9am-4pm
Sunday: 9am-4pm
Nearby Accommodations East Hotel, Forest Hotel And Apartments, Little National Hotel, and Alpha Hotel Canberra
Nearby Eateries Lanyon Cafe, Deep Space Cafe, Cuppacumbalong, and Tharwa Country Store

Google Review- “Easy to get to from Canberra, good facilities and plenty of snow when we went. Very hassle free compared to going to the snow fields. Small hill for skiing and snowboarding as well as another hill for toboggans. Overall a great day out the drive there is also beautiful. ” – Matt Canty

2. Selwyn Snow Resort

Selwyn Snow Resort

After experiencing the horrifying bushfire in 2020, this snow spot in Canberra is again ready to welcome its visitors. Selwyn Snow Resort stands as one of the most enchanting destinations to experience the magic of snowfall in Canberra. Nestled in the picturesque Snowy Mountains, just a few hours’ drive from the Australian capital, Selwyn offers a winter wonderland that captivates visitors with its pristine white slopes and breathtaking scenery. The resort’s rebirth is nothing short of astonishing, and its fresh appearance offers a world of excitement for visitors. The “Selwyn Centre,” an expansive hub for guest services with enlarged ski and snowboard rental, scrumptious dining choices, and improved facilities, is at the heart of this revival. However, innovation doesn’t stop there. Selwyn Snow Resort has introduced cutting-edge TechnoAlpin TT10 snow machines, redefining snowmaking capabilities.

This means that even in milder weather, tourists can enjoy the slopes blanketed in snow. Beginners now have easier access to outstanding courses like The Lookout and Sunny Side thanks to the addition of a new Magic Carpet ride. Also, this location is also known for its toboggan park (the largest in Australia), which features a thrilling 150-meter snow carpet for smooth returns to the top. Selwyn’s revival promises an unforgettable snow adventure, with expanded snowmaking options and a range of activities amidst breathtaking snow gums. Selwyn Resort’s dedication to safety, pleasure, and community support has firmly established it as a premier snow destination in Australia, whether you’re an experienced snow enthusiast or a beginner eager to learn.

Things To Do:

The following are some of the delightful activities that you can enjoy at Canberra’s Selwyn Snow Resort:

  • Skiing And Snowboarding: This location offers a welcoming haven with its family-friendly ski slopes, whether you are a beginner or an intermediate enthusiast. The resort offers a wide variety of ski runs to accommodate skiers of all skill levels, so you’re able to ski down the slopes at your own pace.
  • Snow Play: Tourists can fully enjoy the fun of snow play in addition to skiing and snowboarding. Experience the thrill of sledding, build imaginative snowmen, and engage in spectacular snowball fights in designated snow play zones, which guarantee enjoyment for visitors of all ages.
  • Snowshoeing: Go on a snowshoeing journey around the mountain paths to experience the serene beauty of the snow-covered landscape. It’s a peaceful and relaxing way to take in the stunning surroundings as you explore the winter wonderland at your own leisure.
  • Tobogganing: Make your way to the designated toboggan zones within the resort for an exciting experience that is ideal for all ages. In the midst of the snow-covered landscape, experience the excitement of tobogganing down the slopes and making lifelong memories.
  • Ski Lessons: Do not worry if you are new to skiing or snowboarding. The ski schools at Mount Selwyn are available to you. Utilise their specialised introductory classes to assist you in finding your feet on the slopes.
Name Selwyn Snow Resort
Address 213A Kings Cross Rd 02, Cabramurra NSW 2629, Australia
Distance From CBD 158.7 km
How To Reach By Car: You have to drive for about 2 hours and 29 minutes to reach Selwyn Snow Resort via Snowy Mountains Hwy/B72.
By Bus: You can board bus line 771, 4, or 5 to reach Selwyn Snow Resort.
Opening Hours Monday: 8am-5pm
Tuesday: 8am-5pm
Wednesday: 8am-5pm
Thursday: 8am-5pm
Friday: 8am-5pm
Saturday: 8am-5pm
Sunday: 8am-5pm
Nearby Accommodations The Village Canberra, Snowy Mountain Resort, Abode Woden, and Canberra Lyneham Motor Inn
Nearby Eateries Rose's Lebanese Restaurant, Pha's Thai, Capital Dial-A-Pizza, and The Alpine Hotel Restaurant Cooma

Google Review- “Great place to toboggan, ski and snowboard for young families, beginners and intermediates. Close parking but very limited food and beverage available for sale, Especially out of school holidays.” – Mak Ellis

3. Square Rock Walk

Square Rock Walk

If you are looking for a winter adventure near Canberra, the Square Rock Walk in Namadgi National Park is an absolute treat. Enclosed by the stunning Brindabella ranges, this beautiful trail is the ideal destination for those who love the snow. The journey to Square Rock includes an easy 11-kilometre hike, along with rock hopping and the chance to explore fascinating side trails that offer panoramic views of the Orroral Valley. Starting from the car park, the expedition takes you deep into the mountain range, where Square Rock stands as a testament to the natural beauty of the area. The real magic, however, unfolds when visitors make their way to the Orroral Valley lookout, where a 500-meter diversion reveals a breathtaking view of the valley below.

As you explore the side trails amidst dense vegetation, your excitement will gradually intensify, building up to the final 1-kilometer hike to Square Rock. A metal ladder is available to assist with the ascent, but the more adventurous can opt to climb over boulders. Upon reaching the top, you will be surprised by the expansive, flat plateau that provides an ideal vantage point to appreciate the snowy scenery. While the view is enchanting, it’s important to be cautious due to the presence of cliff edges and crevasses, especially for families with young children. Square Rock Walk in Namadgi National Park is undoubtedly one of the most alluring and accessible snowy destinations around Canberra, offering a unique blend of natural beauty and snowy enchantment for an unforgettable experience.

Things To Do:

For those venturing along the Square Rock Walk in Canberra, you will discover a multitude of activities to enhance your experience:

  • Hiking: Join a well-marked track that leads to Square Rock for a magnificent hiking excursion. This trail is relatively simple, great for people of all fitness levels, and gives spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.
  • Rock Climbing: Square Rock offers options for bouldering and rock climbing for those looking for a more daring thrill. Climb distinctive rock formations for a challenge, and then relish the joy of reaching the top.
  • Mountain Biking: With an expansive network of 250 miles of trails, this place is a haven for mountain biking enthusiasts. Detailed trail information is readily available at the visitor centre, ensuring an enjoyable biking experience for all.
  • Photography: Square Rock is a haven for photographers, offering captivating panoramas and natural settings that are perfect for capturing stunning images. Sunrise and sunset photography is particularly popular here, so don’t forget your camera.
  • Picnicking: There are many designated picnic areas all around the place, offering a peaceful and beautiful environment to enjoy a meal amongst the region’s natural beauties.
  • Wildlife Observation: At Square Rock, the varied wildlife and vegetation of Namadgi National Park are easily observed. During your visit, keep a watch out for a variety of bird species, including wallabies, kangaroos, and other fascinating animals.
Name Square Rock Walk
Website N/A
Address Square Rock Walk, Cotter River ACT 2611, Australia
Distance From CBD 58.3 km
How To Reach By Car: You will reach Square Rock in 1 hour from Canberra CBD via Corin Road.
Opening Hours Monday: Open 24 Hours
Tuesday: Open 24 Hours
Wednesday: Open 24 Hours
Thursday: Open 24 Hours
Friday: Open 24 Hours
Saturday: Open 24 Hours
Sunday: Open 24 Hours
Nearby Accommodations Avenue Hotel Canberra, Ramada by Wyndham Diplomat Canberra, Garden City Hotel, BW Signature Collection, and Abode Woden Hotel
Nearby Eateries Water's Edge Restaurant, Table By Canberra Gourmet, Barbeque Nation, Red Rock Bistro

Google Review- “Loved this walk. So beautiful covered in snow.” – Riahnne Kelly

4. Camels Hump

Camels Hump

Nestled south of Canberra’s bustling city centre lies a well-kept secret for winter enthusiasts and nature lovers – Camels Hump. This distinctive peak adorns the horizon and calls out to the adventurous to experience the best of winter in the Australian capital. The journey to Camels Hump, located at the back of Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, is as thrilling as the destination itself. Those brave enough to undertake the 13-kilometre round trip hike that takes about 4 hours to complete are rewarded with insights into the region’s indigenous heritage, as “Tidbinbilla” translates to “a place where men are forged into boys” in the Ngunnawal language. During the winter season, the natural reserve transforms into a snow-covered paradise, enhancing the already awe-inspiring scenery and providing rare opportunities to encounter diverse wildlife.

The adventure at Camels Hump offers more than just a challenging trek; it’s a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. For those who seek a slightly less strenuous experience, the 6.5-kilometre fire trail, taking around 2 hours, leads to the base of Camel’s Hump, providing a moderately challenging route that accommodates activities such as bird watching, hiking, and running. As you embark on this journey, you are likely to cross paths with fellow nature admirers, developing a sense of camaraderie amidst the serene wilderness. So, if you are desiring an unforgettable winter escape, Camels Hump stands as one of the finest places in Canberra to witness the magic of snow while embarking on an adventure that will truly forge lasting memories.

Things To Do: 

For individuals exploring Camels Hump in Canberra, there’s a variety of captivating activities to maximise your visit:

  • Hiking: Explore the captivating beauty of Camels Hump by following well-marked hiking trails, with the most renowned being the Camels Hump Track. These paths offer a chance to immerse yourself in stunning vistas of the surrounding landscapes and the picturesque Tidbinbilla Valley. 
  • Birdwatching: For bird enthusiasts, Camels Hump is a haven within the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. This area is celebrated for its diverse avian population, and Camels Hump is no exception. Bring your binoculars and camera to spot a wide array of bird species amidst the lush natural surroundings.
  • Photography: Camels Hump presents a fantastic opportunity for photography enthusiasts. Capture the magic of this unique location with its panoramic views, distinctive rock formations, and the chance to photograph native wildlife in its natural habitat.
  • Nature Walks: In addition to the Camels Hump hike, Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve offers a plethora of nature walks and shorter pathways. You can explore the reserve’s various ecosystems and encounter a diverse range of natural features during these leisurely walks.
Name Camels Hump
Address Paddys River ACT 2620, Australia
Distance From CBD 57.2 km
How To Reach By Car: It will take around 1 hour and 8 minutes via Cotter Road and Paddys River Road to reach the location.
Opening Hours Monday: Open 24 Hours
Tuesday: Open 24 Hours
Wednesday: Open 24 Hours
Thursday: Open 24 Hours
Friday: Open 24 Hours
Saturday: Open 24 Hours
Sunday: Open 24 Hours
Nearby Accommodations Central Springs Inn, Cleveland Winery Resort & Events, Gisborne Motel, and Aitken Hill
Nearby Eateries Rebel Rebel, Monster Kitchen and Bar, Marble and Grain, and The Meat & Wine Co Canberra

Google Review- “An excellent peak with a lovely walk up with a couple of steep sections and a bit of scrambling at the end. Particularly memorable when in snow.” – James von Stieglitz

5. Kosciuszko National Park

Kosciuszko National Park

Kosciuszko National Park is a winter wonderland near Canberra that draws snow enthusiasts from far and wide. From daredevil skiers who seek excitement on the slopes of Thredbo and Perisher to families looking for snow-filled fun like snowshoeing and tobogganing, the park offers a range of snow-capped activities. Don’t miss out on the chance to trek to the summit of Mount Kosciuszko, the highest peak in Australia, which offers breathtaking views of the Snowy Mountains. With its variety of snow sports and stunning scenery, Kosciuszko National Park is the perfect place to create unforgettable memories in the midst of its pristine snowscapes.

Kosciuszko National Park is a perfect destination for anyone looking to create everlasting winter memories, whether you are an adrenaline junkie or looking for a peaceful retreat. This stunning national park, nestled in the heart of the Snowy Mountains, offers rugged alpine terrain, diverse wildlife, and the iconic Mount Kosciuszko as its centrepiece. Each season has its own unique charm, from scaling Australia’s highest peak to skiing down pristine slopes in winter or witnessing a vibrant tapestry of wildflowers in spring. Embrace the serenity of the wilderness, bask in the beauty of nature, and embark on outdoor adventures amidst one of Australia’s most treasured natural gems.

Things To Do:

In Canberra’s Kosciuszko National Park, a wide range of activities are available for you, ensuring a memorable and enlightening experience:

  • Hiking: Explore numerous hiking trails suitable for all fitness levels, offering options for short walks or extended multi-day treks. Discover the park’s natural beauty as you traverse its diverse landscapes.
  • Snow Sports: During the winter months, Kosciuszko National Park transforms into a snowy wonderland, attracting skiing, snowboarding, and winter sports enthusiasts. The renowned ski resorts of Thredbo and Perisher beckon adventure seekers to carve their way through pristine slopes.
  • Fishing: Anglers will find opportunities for recreational fishing in the park’s rivers and lakes, with the possibility of hooking trout and other species. Ensure you obtain the necessary fishing licences before casting your line for an enjoyable day by the water.
  • Horseback Riding: Explore selected pathways on horseback, providing a unique perspective of the park’s alpine scenery and breathtaking vistas. It’s a one-of-a-kind way to immerse yourself in the park’s natural beauty.
  • Camping: Whether you prefer well-equipped campgrounds or more secluded backcountry sites, Kosciuszko National Park offers a range of camping options. Camping here is an exceptional opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the pristine natural surroundings, connecting with the park’s serene ambience.
Name Kosciuszko National Park
Address Alpine Way, New South Wales 2627, Australia
Distance From CBD 151.8 km
How To Reach By Car: You can reach Kosciuszko National Park in 2 hours and 21 minutes via Boboyan Rd and Snowy Mountains Hwy/B72.
Opening Hours Monday: 9am-4pm
Tuesday: 9am-4pm
Wednesday: 9am-4pm
Thursday: 9am-4pm
Friday: 9am-4pm
Saturday: 10am-2pm
Sunday: 10am-2pm
Nearby Accommodations Kosciuszko Tourist Park, Vibe Hotel Canberra, Adina Serviced Apartments Canberra Dickson, and Red Cedars Motel
Nearby Eateries Cafe Darya, Bacco Italian Restaurant, Central Road 2625, and Thredbo Burger Bar

Google Review- “Great hike to do, moreso in the later end of the year when the ere isn’t as much snow. We walked from the base to the summit which took about 5.5 hours all up. The platforms and boardwalk were good but make sure you have waterproof boots or snowshoes for the top as there is still lots of snow to navigate” – Nat

When is the Best Time to See Snow in Canberra?

The best time to witness snow in Canberra is during the months of July and August when occasional snowfall blankets the city, thanks to its high inland location. This period offers a unique opportunity for thrilling winter activities such as alpine slides, snow play, skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, hiking, mountain biking, and more. Canberra’s winter wonderland transforms the city into a picturesque paradise, making it the perfect time to plan your snowy adventure. To increase your chances of witnessing snow in Canberra, it’s advisable to keep an eye on weather forecasts during the winter season and be prepared to explore the other higher elevations in the nearby Australian Alps, where snowfall is more common and consistent.


In case you are seeking the magic of snow, Canberra has an unexpectedly wide selection of winter wonderlands to offer. From the breathtaking vistas of Thredbo and Perisher in the nearby Snowy Mountains to the serene beauty of Namadgi National Park, there’s no shortage of opportunities to embrace the snowy season. Canberra and its surrounding areas offer something for everyone, whether you’re an adventure enthusiast seeking exhilarating winter activities or simply wish to lose yourself in the peace of a pristine wilderness. So, when the snowflakes begin to fall, don’t forget to explore these hidden gems and make the most of your snowy escapades in the heart of Australia’s capital city.

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