6 Best Night Markets in the Gold Coast

Night Markets in the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is famous for its exciting nightlife, and one of the best things to do at night is to visit its awesome night markets. These markets come to life when the sun goes down and offer a mix of shopping, eating, and entertainment. These markets offer a captivating and distinct way to involve yourself in the city’s rich culture and vibrant atmosphere after dark. From savouring mouth-watering street food that fuses global flavours to exploring the unique handcrafted creations of local artisans, there’s a world of experiences waiting to be explored. The night markets are not just places to shop and dine; they are lively gatherings where live music and traditional performances add to the ambience. So, join us as we explore the list of the top six night markets on the Gold Coast. These markets are a must-visit if you are planning an evening get-together or weekend outing with your family and friends.

1. Street Food Market, Miami's Marketta

Miami Marketta

Miami’s Marketta, nestled within the vibrant Gold Coast night markets, is a culinary paradise for food enthusiasts. This bustling hub offers a diverse range of international street food, from Asian delights to Middle Eastern delicacies and European treats. What makes Marketta truly unique is its communal dining experience, where long tables foster a sense of community, allowing visitors to bond over delectable dishes and shared culinary adventures. Beyond the food, the market comes alive with live music and a welcoming atmosphere, making it a place not just to eat but to celebrate the diverse tastes and cultures that define the Gold Coast’s culinary scene.

Whether you’re a local looking for a fantastic night out or a tourist eager to enjoy the Gold Coast’s gastronomic diversity, Marketta in Miami is a must-see. You can appreciate the tempting combination of flavours, cultures, and experiences here, under the stars. Bring your appetite, bring your friends, and get ready for an amazing food adventure at the heart of the Gold Coast’s lively night markets.

Name Miami Marketta
Website https://www.miamimarketta.com/
Address 23 Hillcrest Parade, Miami QLD 4220, Australia
Distance From CBD 10.2 km
Directions https://maps.app.goo.gl/BoDkcci7kEHQ5d7y9
How To Reach By Car: You can reach Miami Marketta, via Route 3 and Sunshine Blvd from Gold Coast CBD in approximately 17 min.
By Bus: You can take Bus line 700 to reach Miami Marketta.
Opening Hours Monday : Closed
Tuesday : Closed
Wednesday : 5–10pm
Thursday : Closed
Friday : 5–10pm
Saturday : 5–10pm
Sunday : Closed
Phone Number +61 488 590 599
  • Diverse street food selection.
  • Local beer and craft cocktails.
  • Live music performances and events.
  • Family-friendly environment.
Nearby Attractions Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, SkyPoint Observation Deck, Putt Putt Golf Mermaid Beach

Google Review- “Great music and atmosphere! Love the fairy lights on the roof. Delicious food options and plenty for vegans! I had the vegan bao buns and there was also some dairy free and egg free calamari with a garlic crumb that we also had with sweet potato chips. I don’t eat calamari much, but this was amazing! I also had a vegan banana maple crepe. We will have to go back, but had an awesome time” – Lauren Westerberg (Lauren)

2. Explore Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets

Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets

The Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets is a must-visit part of the Gold Coast night markets. These markets, located by the beach, offer a mix of arts, crafts, and delicious street food. As the sun sets, the place comes to life, inviting you to explore handmade jewellery, captivating artworks, and unique photographs. But it’s not just about shopping; you can also savour international cuisine while enjoying the ocean breeze and soothing waves.

These markets offer more than shopping and dining; they provide a cultural and creative experience. With live music, street performances, and cultural events, you can immerse yourself in the artistic and cultural heart of the Gold Coast. The Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets is a great spot for a leisurely evening stroll, finding unique treasures, or just soaking up the lively atmosphere by the beach. Come and enjoy a memorable evening under the stars, where shopping, dining, and entertainment come together at this iconic spot on the Gold Coast’s picturesque shoreline.

Name Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets
Website https://www.surfersparadisemarkets.com.au/
Address The Foreshore, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, Australia
Distance From CBD 4.8 km
Directions https://maps.app.goo.gl/dKbJRUP4kL3BeMf78
How To Reach By Car: Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets is around 12 min. drive via State Route 24 from the Gold Coast CBD.
By Bus: Bus routes 705, 731, and 740 pass near this market.
Opening Hours Monday : Closed
Tuesday : Closed
Wednesday : 4–9pm
Thursday : Closed
Friday : 4–9pm
Saturday : 4–9pm
Sunday : Closed
Phone Number +61 403 696 432
  • A diverse range of luxurious and antique products such as fashion, artwork, and homewares.
  • Captivating attractions and pleasure stalls for an engaging experience.
  • Features numerous artisans-at-work.
Nearby Attractions Timezone Surfers Paradise, Infinity Attraction, HOTA, Home of the Arts

Google Review- “Certainly a good fun. Lots to explore. Market is only on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. So plan your trip accordingly. It is for all ages. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, certainly a good walk, good experience and evening fun. Highly recommended.” – Kanan Mehul

3. Try Asian Cuisines At Chinatown Street Market

Chinatown Street Market

The Chinatown Street Market of the Gold Coast is a vibrant and unique addition to the city’s night markets. Situated in Southport, it seamlessly blends traditional Asian charm with a modern Australian vibe. At night, this market comes to life with a diverse variety of stalls showcasing Asian culture at its best. From delectable street food representing various Asian cuisines to artisanal crafts and live entertainment, the market offers a perfect delight that captivates both locals and tourists.

What makes Chinatown Gold Coast truly exceptional is its immersive cultural experience. Visitors can wander through lantern-lit lanes, enjoy live performances, and engage with artisans at work. This market isn’t just about shopping and dining; it’s a vibrant celebration of Asian culture, where flavours, colours, and traditions converge to create a rich and engaging tapestry of experiences. Whether you’re looking for culinary adventures, unique souvenirs, or cultural immersion, the Chinatown Gold Coast night market is a dynamic and welcoming destination at the heart of the Gold Coast’s nightlife, inviting everyone to join in the festivities and celebrate the vibrant diversity of Asian culture.

Name Chinatown Street Market
Website NA
Address Davenport St & Young Street, Southport QLD 4215, Australia
Distance From CBD 7 km
Directions https://maps.app.goo.gl/iJfntUQPjY1fDwQC7
How To Reach By Car: From Gold Coast CBD travel via State Route 3 to Chinatown Gold Coast, you will reach your destination in approx. 12 min.
Opening Hours Monday : 12–10pm
Tuesday : 12–10pm
Wednesday : 12–10pm
Thursday : 12–10pm
Friday : 12–10pm
Saturday : 12–10pm
Sunday : 12–10pm
Phone Number +61 1300 223 832
  • Fusion of Chinese and Asian street food.
  • Vibrant atmosphere with street decoration, live music, and entertainment.
  • One-stop destination for shopping, dining, and fun.
Nearby Attractions Paradise Jet Boating - Gold Coast Jet Boat Rides, The Spit Gold Coast, Gold Coast Wax Museum.

Google Review- “Great venue even the weather couldn’t put a damper on it. Lots of happy people .And plenty of Amazing food outlets to choose from. Plenty of exciting buskers .well worth the visit.” – Gary Boormakin

4. Eat And Shop At Sanctuary Markets

Sanctuary Market

Nestled near the renowned Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on the Gold Coast, The Sanctuary Market stands out as a top-notch night market that caters to all your senses. It’s a place where you can eat, shop, and have a fantastic time in the evening breeze. What makes The Sanctuary Market truly special? The food, without a doubt! It’s a global food journey with flavours from all over the world—think Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Brazilian, Turkish, and more. It’s a food lover’s dream come true! Besides, there are craft stalls filled with handmade treasures and a market stocked with fresh veggies and seafood.

Along with delectable dishes and unique shopping finds, The Sanctuary Market boasts a lively vibe. You can groove to live music and sip on local drinks, and it’s a family-friendly place too. What’s more, by visiting, you’re also contributing to the upkeep of the nearby Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary because some of the proceeds go there. And guess what? There’s even free parking, so getting there is a breeze. So, if you’re looking for a memorable night out on the Gold Coast, The Sanctuary Market is where you’ll find it all, a delightful culinary adventure, captivating crafts, live music, and a warm community atmosphere.

Name Sanctuary Market
Website NA
Address 28 Tomewin St, Currumbin QLD 4223, Australia
Distance From CBD 24.3 km
Directions https://maps.app.goo.gl/tFvZS1PSoegYUb1j9
How To Reach By Car: To reach Sanctuary Market from the Gold Coast CBD, go via State Route 3 and M1. It will take 36 minutes to reach this spot.
By Bus: You can take bus line 700 to reach Sanctuary Market from the Gold Coast CBD.
Opening Hours Monday : Closed
Tuesday : Closed
Wednesday : Closed
Thursday : Closed
Friday : 4–9pm
Saturday : Closed
Sunday : Closed
Phone Number 0417 759 777
  • Wide variety of international foods, including Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Brazilian, Turkish, Venezuelan, South African, and Chilean cuisines.
  • Craft and produce stalls for shopping, including fresh Asian greens, eggs, and Australian seafood.
  • Fully licenced venue with Burleigh Brewery's boutique beers and Sirromet Wines.
  • Live musical entertainment featuring local talent.
  • Family-friendly atmosphere.
Nearby Attractions Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Currumbin Community Markets, Dreamworld Night Market

Google Review- “These food markets are a must do if you are around the Currumbin area on a Friday night! Fantastic food selection (Fresh and great variety!) Stall holders are friendly and helpful, drinks well priced, its so good it popular in peak season so plan to chill out and spend so time to enjoy 😉 !” – Steve L

5. The Burleigh Bazaar Night Market

Burleigh Bazaar

The Burleigh Bazaar Night Market offers a vibrant night market scene and has earned its reputation as a premier destination for a night out to remember. The market comes alive with live music performances that infuse the night with an enchanting ambience, providing the perfect backdrop for relaxation or dancing beneath the stars.

Shopping enthusiasts will find their haven among the market’s diverse array of shopping experiences, featuring unique crafts and locally sourced treasures. What makes this night market even more appealing is its accessibility. While many performances are complimentary, budget-conscious visitors will appreciate the affordability of this entertainment, with only a few special events requiring tickets. So, bring your friends and family to the Burleigh Bazaar Night Market for a great time on the Gold Coast. You can enjoy tasty food, find interesting things, and listen to awesome music. It’s a fun experience for everyone, whether you are a kid or an adult.

Name Burleigh Bazaar
Website https://burleighbazaar.com.au/
Address 18 Junction Rd, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220, Australia
Distance From CBD 13.5 km
Directions https://maps.app.goo.gl/djXjsAGaTNZoruak7
How To Reach By Car: Burleigh Bazaar is just 20 min. drive via State Route 3 from Gold Coast CBD.
Opening Hours Monday : Closed
Tuesday : Closed
Wednesday : Closed
Thursday : Closed
Friday : 5–10 pm
Saturday : 5–10 pm
Sunday : Closed
Phone Number +61 410 415 498
  • You can enjoy joyful and beautiful musical events, creating a vibrant atmosphere for visitors.
  • Explore a variety of shopping options and it is perfect for group outings.
  • While some events require tickets, many performances can be enjoyed for free, offering entertainment for all.
Nearby Attractions Burleigh Head National Park, Tumgun Lookout, Burleigh Heads Beach

Google Review- “Had a great time! It’s nice and airy and spacious, with great food, super friendly staff, and quality live music. We had the beef platter, calamari set, steak sandwich, steak salad, and chicken burger. All were large and delicious. The beer was cold, the wine was great, and the band played good originals and a few covers.” – Brad H

6. Discover The Dreamworld Night Market

Dreamworld Night Market

Located on the Gold Coast, the Dreamworld Night Market has swiftly emerged as a top contender among the region’s night markets. The market extends the daytime fun well into the evening on both Friday and Saturday nights, beckoning families and friends to come together for a delightful night out. Culinary enthusiasts will find their haven here, with an impressive lineup of local food trucks dishing out an array of mouthwatering dishes, spanning Greek, burgers, Vietnamese, Indian, and an irresistible array of sweet treats. 

The market pulses with life, offering live music and free entertainment, creating a vibrant and celebratory atmosphere that’s perfect for an evening outing. Kids aren’t left out either; they have a cosy corner with bean bags where they can enjoy movies on the big screen. With an affordable $2 entry fee and free access for kids under 13 and annual pass holders, the Dreamworld Night Market is designed to be accessible to all, ensuring an affordable and enjoyable evening on the Gold Coast. Whether you’re seeking culinary delights, live entertainment, or a family-friendly night out, the Dreamworld Night Market promises an unforgettable experience.

Name Dreamworld Night Market
Website https://dreamworldnightmarket.com.au//
Address 48R8+C2, Dreamworld Pkwy, Coomera QLD 4209, Australia
Distance From CBD 25.1 km
Directions https://maps.app.goo.gl/59DVN8dAYy5HikkM97
How To Reach By Car: To get to Dreamworld Night Market from the Gold Coast CBD, take the M1 and you'll be there in about 28 minutes.
Opening Hours Monday : Closed
Tuesday : Closed
Wednesday : Closed
Thursday : Closed
Friday : 5–9pm
Saturday : 5–9pm
Sunday : Closed
Phone Number NA
  • Local food trucks offer Greek, burgers, Vietnamese, Indian, and sweet treats.
  • Live music and free entertainment create a vibrant atmosphere.
  • Family-friendly spot and kids can watch movies on comfy bean bags.
  • Entry is $2, free for kids under 13 and annual pass holders.
Nearby Attractions Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Miami Marketta.

Google Review- “My family attended on Saturday night for New Years Eve with a group of friends. They had a big variety of food trucks with all sorts of different food. They had live music and entertainment. The whole night was great. We had an awesome time. It’s definitely worth the $2 and the food was worth the money too. Definitely recommend” – Mrs G


The above-listed night markets in the Gold Coast stand out as vibrant gems, each offering a unique blend of experiences. From international flavours and artisanal crafts to live music and family-friendly fun, the Gold Coast’s night markets promise memorable evenings under the stars. Whether you’re a local seeking a unique night out or a tourist looking to immerse yourself in the region’s culture, these night markets are a must-visit. So, gather your friends and family, try delicious foods, explore the crafty stores, and have a great time enjoying the lively entertainment at the Gold Coast’s night markets. These markets are more than just a shopping experience; they’re where you make wonderful memories in the heart of the city’s vibrant nightlife.

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