Top High-Quality Do-Follow Guest Posting Sites List

Guest Posting Sites List

Any good content marketing plan must include guest posting. It enables you to expand your audience, develop your influence in your industry, and raise your website’s search engine position. However, not all chances to guest post are equal. Targeting top-notch websites with do-follow backlinks can help you get the most out of guest posting. This blog will give you access to a hand-selected list of the best do-follow guest posting websites that will help you increase your online visibility.

What is Guest Blogging or Guest Posting?

Guest blogging, also known as guest posting, is a content marketing strategy in which individuals or businesses create and share informative or promotional articles on websites or blogs other than their own. This practice allows guest authors to reach a broader audience, build credibility, and establish themselves as experts in their respective fields. Guest bloggers typically collaborate with host websites, contributing valuable content in exchange for a backlink to their own websites, helping with search engine optimization, and expanding their online presence. This symbiotic relationship benefits both the guest author and the host website, as it provides fresh, high-quality content and diverse perspectives to readers while enabling guest bloggers to tap into established audiences and gain authority in their niches.

How To Create Backlinks From Guest Posting?

How To Create Backlinks From Guest Posting?

In order to raise your website’s search engine rating and broaden its online presence, it is strategically important to build backlinks through guest posting. Follow these specific steps to successfully build backlinks through guest posting:

1. Establish Your Goals and Plan of Target: Outline your objectives for guest posting first. Decide whether gaining backlinks, becoming an authority in your industry, or increasing website traffic are your main goals. Identify target websites, choose pertinent themes, and organise the frequency of your guest postings as part of a holistic guest blogging strategy.

2. Examine and Choose Reputable Websites: Start by completing in-depth research to find websites and blogs that are pertinent to your niche and welcome guest contributions. Websites with high domain authority and a solid reputation in their respective industries merit your attention. Make sure they have a loyal following and consistent, high traffic.

3. Recognise The Rules For Guest Posting: Read and comprehend each target website’s guest blogging policies thoroughly before continuing. Important details about word count, content quality, formatting, and other particular criteria are frequently provided by these recommendations.

4. Produce Top-Notch Content: Create outstanding guest post content that is creative, interesting, and well-researched. You should create material that appeals to the target website’s visitors. Follow SEO recommended practises by including clear, useful information in your article and employing pertinent keywords.

5. Make Your Pitch Personal: Make an effort to personalise your pitch so that it conveys your concept for a guest post to the website owner or editor when you get in touch with them. Explain why your content idea is a fantastic fit for their audience and emphasise how it delivers value in your pitch. To demonstrate your trustworthiness, you could also mention your experience and prior guest writing.

6. Protect Your Guest Posting Chance: Work closely with the website owner or editor to finalise the publication specifics, such as the publication date and any other needs, after you’ve successfully pitched your proposal.

7. Incorporate Natural, Relevant Backlinks: Insert strategic, natural backlinks to your own content or website within your guest post. Make sure the anchor text for these backlinks is appropriate for the surrounding context and not blatantly promotional. The backlinks you use should improve the reader’s experience and offer more insightful content.

8. Enhance User Experience: Pay great attention to the user experience by making sure that the substance of your guest posts and the included backlinks enhance the reader’s experience. Avoid stuffing your text with links; doing so could make you appear spammy and damage your reputation.

9. Promote Your Guest Post: Take an active role in promoting your guest post using your own marketing channels, such as social media and email marketing, after it has been published to broaden its audience and raise its profile.

Top Guest Post Sites That Offer Instant Approval

No. Guest Posting Sites DA Type
1 21 Free
2 53 Free
3 56 Free
4 54 Free
5 53 Free
6 59 Free
7 55 Free
8 86 Free
9 54 Free
10 72 Free
11 27 Free
12 46 Free
13 44 Free
14 41 Free
15 48 Free
16 27 Free
17 60 Free
18 52 Free
19 34 Free
20 56 Free
21 34 Free
22 58 Free
23 37 Free
24 33 Free
25 26 Free
26 55 Free
27 55 Free
28 41 Free
29 53 Free
30 33 Free
31 55 Free
32 56 Free
33 59 Free
34 53 Free
35 31 Free
36 55 Free
37 70 Free
38 33 Free
39 29 Free
40 62 Free
41 50 Free
42 56 Free
43 50 Free
44 57 Free
45 39 Free
46 28 Free
47 62 Free
48 58 Free
49 36 Free
50 53 Free
51 29 Free
52 50 Free
53 29 Free
54 26 Free
55 26 Free
56 53 Free
57 48 Free
58 27 Free
59 60 Free
60 53 Free
61 36 Free
62 37 Free
63 79 Free
64 74 Free
65 72 Free
66 73 Free
67 66 Free
68 62 Free
69 59 Free
70 62 Free
71 52 Free
72 52 Free
73 65 Free
74 53 Free
75 54 Free
76 60 Free
77 52 Free
78 51 Free
79 48 Free
80 52 Free
81 47 Free
82 44 Free
83 56 Free
84 44 Free
85 37 Free
86 45 Free
87 58 Free
88 62 Free
89 45 Free
90 34 Free
91 40 Free
92 46 Free
93 35 Free
94 44 Free
95 29 Free
96 64 Free
97 28 Free
98 40 Free
99 27 Free
100 45 Free
101 26 Free
102 27 Free
103 55 Free
104 59 Free
105 49 Free
106 52 Free
107 36 Free
108 54 Free
109 45 Free
110 55 Free
111 38 Free
112 43 Free
113 53 Free
114 58 Free
115 55 Free
116 75 Free
117 56 Free
118 46 Free
119 38 Free
120 45 Free
121 20 Free
122 57 Free
123 38 Free
124 32 Free
125 60 Free
126 30 Free
127 28 Free
128 49 Free
129 40 Free
130 46 Free
131 59 Free
132 51 Free
133 26 Free
134 54 Free
135 26 Free
136 24 Free
137 29 Free
138 51 Free
139 24 Free
140 39 Free
141 47 Free
142 59 Free
143 40 Free
144 55 Free
145 37 Free
146 63 Free
147 25 Free
148 21 Free
149 58 Free
150 24 Free
151 42 Free
152 48 Free
153 47 Free
154 58 Free
155 22 Free
156 27 Free
157 30 Free
157 50 Free

What are the Benefits of Writing on Guest Post Sites?


Check out the top benefits that you can enjoy from guest posting on high DA sites.

Get High-Quality Backlink 

  • Backlinks have a big impact on your domain authority, which is a metric that evaluates the authority and trustworthiness of your website in relation to other websites in your niche. Your chances of ranking well for competitive keywords are considerably increased when your website has a high domain authority, making it stand out in search engine results.
  • By acting as virtual highways, backlinks help interested visitors find their way to your website from those of other websites. This referral traffic is advantageous because it includes people who are really interested in your offerings. This high-quality traffic improves conversion rates, which results in more enthusiastic and contented visitors. It also lowers your website’s bounce rate.
  • Links from other websites help you reach new audiences, increasing your influence in your industry. You strengthen your online reputation by connecting your website with reliable resources and other powerful platforms in your niche. As a result of being acknowledged as an authority, your brand’s reputation increases. Additionally, it may start a chain reaction that results in more social media shares, comments, and interaction from an expanding fan base.

Increased Web Traffic

  • A strong marketing tactic for growing the audience for your website is guest posting. You can reach a brand-new audience by submitting your material to websites with audiences that are comparable to or linked to those of your own.
  • Consider creating a guest post for a popular blog that focuses on digital marketing. With this tactical move, you can reach a sizable and interested audience of digital marketers with your content. As they read your intelligent article, they may become curious and click on the offered link, which will automatically take them to your website.
  • This strategy gives you a great chance to raise the visibility of your business while also increasing the number of individuals who find your website and its useful information. Additionally, when more visitors arrive at your website, conversions are likely to increase favourably as your newly discovered audience interacts with your offerings and joins your online community.

Develop Brand Awareness and Credibility 

  • By guest posting, you may exhibit your knowledge and skills in the fields related to your specialisation, thereby establishing your authority and the value you provide to potential clients. You establish yourself as an industry authority and give your audience reason to trust and believe in you by exploring themes relating to your field.
  • Additionally, guest posting gives you the chance to offer priceless knowledge, suggestions, counsel, and useful answers adapted to the particular issues or demands of your target audience. This strategy establishes a relationship of trust and loyalty, establishing you as a dependable advisor.
  • Additionally, guest posting gives you the chance to establish contacts with other authoritative websites in your industry. The credibility and exposure of your brand are enhanced by this affiliation.

Improve your Writing Skills 

  • Guest posting is a priceless opportunity to improve your writing abilities in addition to backlink development and increasing your online presence. Writing for several websites and audiences, each with their own individual preferences, expectations, and responses, poses a particular challenge in this practise.
  • By allowing you to gain knowledge from other authors and editors, guest posting provides a platform for learning. Their wisdom can provide a wealth of advice, recommendations, and corrections that raise the bar for your material.
  • Additionally, guest blogging encourages you to explore a variety of writing forms, tones, and styles. You can develop your distinctive voice through this creative journey, which will help you communicate your thoughts clearly and forcefully. 

Generate Leads and Conversions 

  • By participating in guest posting, you can effectively promote your company to new audiences who might be very interested in your goods or services. Your engaging content acts as a link between you and potential customers.
  • Guest writing puts you in a position of authority within your niche. The more consistently high-quality and pertinent material you provide, the more trustworthy your brand becomes. Your audience gains faith in your knowledge, which is essential for converting them.
  • Each guest post serves as a beacon, guiding referral visitors to your website or landing page and generating targeted referral traffic. These newly arriving visitors are specifically interested in what you have to offer. This setting is perfect for attracting leads and turning them into devoted clients. Every click is a possible conversion, which is evidence of the effectiveness of using guest posting in your lead generation plan.

How to Find Guest Posting Sites that Drive Traffic

How to Find Guest Posting Sites that Drive Traffic

Step 1: Know What You Want

Start by setting clear goals for your guest blogging efforts. Think about what you hope to achieve. Do you want more people to visit your website? Are you looking to increase brand awareness or gain backlinks to boost your SEO? Knowing your goals will guide your guest posting strategy.

Step 2: Find the Right Crowd

Your next move is to identify the audience you want to reach. Consider the topics and themes of your website or content. Look for guest posting opportunities on websites or blogs that share similar interests. When your content aligns with the interests of the readers, you’ll be more likely to attract the right audience.

Step 3: Use Search Engines

Turn to search engines like Google to find potential guest posting sites. Here’s how it works: Type your niche or topic keywords into the search bar, and add phrases like “write for us,” “guest post,” or “contributor guidelines.” The search results will display blogs or websites that accept guest contributions.

“guest post submission guidelines” + niche

“contributor” + niche

“submit guest post” + “niche”

“write for us” + “real estate”

“real estate” + “become a contributor”

“insurance blog” + “write for us”

“real estate” + “guest post guidelines”

“real estate” + “sports”

“submit guest post” + “real estate”

“real estate” + “submit guest post”

“guest post” + topic name

“write for us” + topic name

“submit guest post” + “education”

“become a guest author” + topic name

“submit guest post” + “keyword”

Step 4: Specialized Websites

There are online databases and platforms designed to help you find guest posting opportunities. Websites like “GuestPostTracker” or “My Blog Guest” compile lists of sites that welcome guest writers. These platforms can save you time and help you discover more opportunities.

Step 5: Check Out Your Competition

Take a look at what others in your field are doing. Explore the websites of your competitors or influencers in your niche. See where they’ve published guest posts. Chances are, those sites are open to contributions from people with similar interests and expertise.

Step 6: Connect on Social Media

Leverage social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. Start following bloggers, website owners, and influencers in your niche. Engage with their content, share their posts, and participate in discussions. Building relationships with these individuals can open doors to guest posting opportunities.

Step 7: Send Persuasive Emails

When you’ve identified a website you’d like to write for, send a well-crafted email to the site owner or editor. Be sure to introduce yourself, highlight your expertise, and propose some interesting topics you could write about for their audience. Your email should be friendly and persuasive, demonstrating the value you can bring to their site.

Step 8: Keep an Eye on Results

After you start guest posting, it’s crucial to track your progress. Use web analytics tools to monitor the number of visitors your guest posts are driving to your site. This data will help you understand the impact of your guest posting strategy and make adjustments as needed.

General Guest Blogging Guidelines

General Guest Blogging Guidelines
  • Showcase Your Best Work: When contributing as a guest blogger, always put your best foot forward. Your guest post should reflect the highest quality of content you can offer.
  • Avoid Duplicate Submissions: It’s crucial not to submit the same guest post to multiple blog owners. Each guest post should be unique and tailored to the specific audience and blog’s niche.
  • Proofread and Maintain Quality: Prior to submission, thoroughly proofread your guest post. Ensure it is free from grammatical errors and maintains a high standard of writing.
  • Adhere to Blog Guidelines: Every blogger has their own set of guidelines and preferences. Respect these guidelines and adapt your content accordingly to maximize the likelihood of your guest post being accepted.
  • Respectful Communication: If you need to contact a blog owner for any reason, do so sparingly and with utmost politeness. Avoid bombarding them with emails.
  • Follow Self-Promotion Rules: When including self-promotional links in your guest post, adhere to the blog owner’s guidelines. Some may allow author bio links, while others may have specific rules on how and where you can promote your work.

Final Words

You can succeed at guest posting by looking for high-quality, do-follow websites. These platforms have several benefits, including increasing authority in your profession and increased internet visibility. Always remember to produce valuable material, follow rules, and interact with your audience. As you investigate these guest posting possibilities, try to establish long-lasting connections with the websites that are relevant to your niche. Success is paved with valuable content that engages readers and builds your internet presence as well as high-quality backlinks. Happy guest blogging!

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