White Label Payment Service Provider

White Label Payment Service Provider

White-label payment solutions have gained much popularity in recent years, owing to their capability of allowing businesses to process transactions quickly without the need to develop their own payment infrastructure from scratch. As an entrepreneur, everyone wants to keep up with the latest trends. Therefore, everyone is opting for the latest advanced white-label payment gateway technology.

New solutions and software are established daily with the higher demand for white-label payment method apps. All this makes the market saturated, and entrepreneurs like you get confused about which is the best white-label payment gateway in 2023. But now there is nothing worth worrying about, as we are here to help you.

Keep reading this exclusive blog on the top white-label payment gateways in 2023; it contains valuable information on the same topic.

What is a White Label Payment Solution?

White Label Payment Solution

Before delving deep into this list of the best white-label payment solutions of 2023, let’s first understand what white-label payment solutions are. If you are already familiar with the term, you can jump to the next section.

A white-label payment gateway is ready-to-use software that can be fully customised and is brandable according to the requirements of a business owner. In simpler words, a business puts its logo on a pre-built solution that provides payment services to its customers and clients under its name.

With a white-label payment gateway, newbie entrepreneurs can begin their operations from day one without the need to develop their own new payment infrastructure from scratch, which leads to money and time savings.

White-label payment gateways incorporate the latest technologies, including fraud prevention, intelligent routing and cascading, merchant onboarding, and more. The goal of incorporating such software into the business is to increase conversion rates and save on processing costs, giving clients a competitive edge.

White Label Payment Gateways

White Label Payment Gateways

Now that you are familiar with the term “white label payment gateways,” let’s look at the most popular and reliable white label payment gateways of 2023.

1. NORBr

NORBr Infra is one of the leading white-label payment gateways that can help your business grow by leaps and bounds. You can set up this solution within minutes, as it requires no technical project or integration. It is a perfect white-label payment solution for PayFacs, marketplaces, merchants, banks, and payment providers.

With NORBr Infra, you can onboard merchant accounts easily and give yourself a competitive edge in this fierce market competition. This white-label payment solution covers a wide range of payment methods, including credit cards, digital wallets, and bank transfers, ensuring your business can cater to all types of clients.

When it comes to security, NORBr takes it seriously and is committed to keeping your financial information safe. This gateway is perfect for all types of businesses, whether they’re small, mid-tier, or large. Moreover, it offers tailor-made solutions, making it stand out from the crowd. So, if you are thinking of a forward-thinking and easy-to-use white-label payment solution, head towards NORBr Infra.

Key Highlights:

  • Increase repeat customer revenue
  • 40%+ lower payment processing costs
  • Boost sales with Smart Unified Checkout
  • 100% white label capability for cohesive branding

2. kurateco

Another white-label payment solution you can trust in 2023 is Akurateco, which is designed by experienced fintech experts. This white-label payment solution is perfect for both established PSPs (Payment Service Providers) planning to enhance merchant offerings and startup PSPs looking for reliable software.

With over 300 integrated acquirers and payment providers, this white-label payment solution stands out from the crowd. It lets you and your merchants enjoy a seamless payment experience. The company also has a proven record of success when it comes to the development of new connectors upon request.

As a leading and modern software provider, Akurateco takes pride in tailoring its system to every client’s specific requirements. The customers can also leverage the system on a Software-as-a-Services, On-premise, and Cloud Agnostic basis. Moreover, the company offers a Payment Team as a Service with comprehensive steps and guidance throughout the way.

Key Highlights:

  • Smart Billing
  • Intelligent payment routing
  • Built-in payment analytics
  • Automated merchant onboarding

3. Nuvei

Nuvei (formerly SafeCharge) could be your final destination if you are looking for a reliable white-label payment solution in 2023. The company offers a payment gateway with access to a variety of connectors. It aims to help businesses free up their valuable resources by providing an end-to-end payment platform. Entrepreneurs can leverage that time to focus on other core responsibilities.

This white-label payment solution supports 450+ payment methods for improved cross-border business growth. As a business owner, you also get full control over the transaction flow. Its compatibility with PCI DSS Security Standards will also help you stay confident in choosing SafeCharge as your payment partner.

Nuvei will prove to be a great asset for merchants who want to automate their payment flow. The company states that with the integration of its platform, merchants can skyrocket customer loyalty and increase their turnover significantly. Though this platform is great, it might not be as flexible as others and is more tuned to the needs of larger enterprises.

Key Highlights:

  • PCI DSS Compatible
  • 450+ payment methods
  • Multiple system integrations
  • Full control over the transaction flow

4. PayPipes

PayPipes is an emerging white-label payment gateway designed to simplify the complex world of alternative payments, risk management tools, and acquiring banks. With this software, you can seamlessly integrate with leading payment portals worldwide. You can also integrate with various payment gateways and ensure smooth transactions on a domestic and international scale.

PayPipes has made connecting to payment APIs and gateways easy. After setting up, you can add new integrations and gateways in a breeze. It also reduces the compliance burden for online merchants, which leads to a better customer experience and also saves money on data security assessments for businesses.

You also get access to highly effective fraud prevention tools that provide an extra layer of security to your payment processes. In short, PayPipes is one of the leading white-label payment solutions that is easy to use and can elevate your business to new heights.

Key Highlights:

  • Tokenization
  • Payment Page
  • PCI DSS Compliance
  • Single Payments API

5. BlueSnap

Partner with BlueSnap if you want to level up the payment game for your business. This white-label payment gateway solution can make your life much easier with its exceptional services tailored just for you. Whether you are a small business or a giant, this white-label payment solution has just the right tools to manage everything for you, from payment software to nifty transaction management tools.

For safe and sound online transactions, businesses like yours trust BlueSnap, and we have a huge clientele all across the world that includes brands like Ford Credit, Paraco, Regpack, etc. Our talented experts help people build and maintain a strong payment platform, providing tech support and guiding our clients at each and every step.

With updated documentation and API libraries that provide everything businesses need to integrate their customers’ online stores or mobile apps quickly, BlueSnap has become the choice of white-label payment gateway for numerous clients. So, if you are looking for a trusted white-label payment platform in 2023 for your business, you can count on BlueSnap.

Key Highlights:

  • Unified Reporting
  • Global Payment Types
  • Cross-Border Payments
  • Chargeback Management

6. PaySpace

If you are looking for a high-end white-label payment gateway in 2023, choose PaySpace as your payment partner and enjoy simplified and secure payment processes. It is one of the leading companies that ensures a smooth and secure payment experience for the customers of your brand.

The user-friendly interface and customisable solutions are what propel it towards success day by day. With PaySpace, you have the opportunity to shape your payment gateway as per your business identity and foster trust among your valued customers. PaySpace is not just about transactions; it strives hard to build a trustworthy online presence for your enterprise.

The direct operator billing solution of PaySpace is available across 80 countries, and you can use it for both subscriptions and one-time purchases. So, if you are looking for a reliable payment partner in 2023, PaySpace could be your ideal choice because it is dedicated to helping your business reach new heights in this digital world.

Key Highlights:

  • PCI DSS Compliant
  • Full-cycle support program
  • Chargeback and fraud protection
  • Assistance dispute management

7. Ikajo International

Here comes the seventh white-label payment solution that you can leverage to level up your business in 2023, which is Ikajo International. This white-label payment solution offers integration and support with over 100 payment methods, making it a versatile platform for businesses.

This white-label payment solution can process over 150 currencies, making it a perfect choice for all businesses, whether they are using main card payments or alternative options. Since security is one of the most important aspects when choosing a white-label payment solution, Ikajo kept this concept of security in mind.

Every transaction made through Ikajo undergoes real-time checks based on more than 100 parameters, ensuring a safe and sound experience for customers. The built-in fraud and chargeback prevention software makes this white-label payment solution even more appealing. The pricing is also flexible. It starts at 1.2% and adjusts based on a variety of factors, such as the industry and business specifics.

Key Highlights:

  • 3-DS 2.0 Support
  • Dynamic currency conversion
  • SMS and DMS payment schemes support
  • 24*7 maintenance support for software as well as hardware

Things to Consider While Choosing a White-Label Payment Gateway

Things to Consider

Before we conclude this article, let’s look at the things that you should look for in a white-label payment gateway, as it will help you make an informed decision much more quickly and easily. Here is the list of things that one must look for in a white-label payment gateway:

  • Payment Security: Look for PCI Compliance, Risk Engine, 3 Layered Security Setup, 3DS2.2, etc.
  • Payment Options: It must support cards, E-Wallets, Bank Transfers, Buy Now Pay Later, etc.
  • Ease of Integration: Opt for a plug-and-play technology so that you can start operating ASAP!
  • Customer Support: Decide only after inquiring about the customer support options, working hours, etc.

The above-listed are a few things that one must consider while choosing a white-label payment solution for the explosive growth of their business.

On The Final Note

White-label payment gateways have become much more popular with their ease of integration and capability of providing customers with a smooth transaction experience. There are a lot of white-label payment gateway providers on the market, which makes choosing one quite difficult. If you feel stuck while selecting a white-label payment gateway, you can choose NORBr, which ticks all the boxes. However, other alternatives can also propel the growth of your business, including PaySpace, BlueSnap, Akurateco, Ikajo International, etc.

Hopefully, after reading this exclusive blog, you might have gotten the information you were looking for. Stay tuned!

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